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The number one online resource dedicated to exploring the world of all things boys! If you’re looking for boy’s activities, games, health tips, shopping hints, parenting advice and more, you’ve come to the right place. Our listings and links provide instant access to the best games, kid-tested educational activities, as well as tips on trends for all male children and teenagers on sports, movies, music, clothing, health, fitness and youth programs. Life is now more complex than it has ever been, and delivers the resources both parents and boys need to stay on top of this changing modern world today. is more than just a fun online destination for kids. It provides pertinent and useful information on issues ranging from poverty to peer pressure and gives boys of all ages the power to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our goal is to help boys to find their way on the path to becoming a well-rounded person with character, respect for self and others, as well as understanding of family, community and country. Although this site focuses mainly on topics that are important to boys like sports, physical fitness, games, quizzes, and interactive features, can also be an aid for parents and teachers, providing them with interactive, educational, and fun activities for boys that that are in line with national education standards for science and health.
Because fitness is a number one priority for most boys, provides all the information and resources they need to learn healthy eating habits and how to get the proper exercise in order to maximize their potential and ensure they are the most they can be in every area of endeavor. Self image and body awareness are also especially important to teens and the latest fashions and style trends are a concern for most boys even if they won’t readily admit it. No kid wants to feel out of place when he is seeking his place among his peers today and delivers the inside scoop on the latest trends in teen fashion when it comes to both style and value for the money.
All work and no play can make any kid a dull boy and knows no one wants to be left behind when it comes to the latest trends in hi-tech games and music as well as all the new releases for the popular PSP, Wii, and Xbox formats. Because teen boys are not famous for making the best choices by themselves, let be your guide to the latest technological offerings while keeping a close eye on value and function. Whether the goal is to purchase, rent or simply play games online with other boys. has the bases covered.

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